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I’m Doing It! I’m Starting A Pressed Juicery Cleanse Today


Guys, I overdid it with the holiday treats this year. I used the excuse of not having enough time to plan healthier meals and just ate every cookie, brownie and sugar covered thing I laid my eyes on. I’m pretty embarrassed about it since I wanted to make an effort to stay healthy. I kept telling myself after each sweet that I would “make up for it later” and that I would “start exercising next week” but that sh** spiraled out of control and now I feel (and look) like a hot mess.

I hate the January 1st cliché about starting a fitness regimen because I feel like you should always start whenever you make the decision to pay attention to your diet- whether it’s March 23rd or December 1st…. paying attention your health shouldn’t literally have a start date. And yet, here I am- making the decision to stop eating sweets, making healthier meal decisions and, yes, planning my workout routine to get back on track- on the first week of the new year.

I was doing Focus T25 a few months ago and (here comes another embarrassing tidbit) I became discouraged when I noticed others really get their stuff together and reach their fitness goals at a speed MUCH faster than my own. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others- gah!- but I couldn’t help it. I guess for a while I kind of gave up and kept telling myself I would eventually “get back to it”. Well, fast forward 15 lbs later (%$@#!!!) and I’m in a place I promised myself I wouldn’t be at again.

However…… I’m not going to keep letting this happen. I know that I have some really rough weeks ahead of me. I know there will be days I will want to give up.. but I’m going to keep going. Thankfully, I have several fitness programs I could use at home (P90X, Focus T25, Insanity….) it’s up to me to use them. Even if I didn’t have them and wanted to start working out there are several places online that I could find a good workout routine for free. In case anyone else reading this is feeling the same way I am at this moment, you can do it too- check out the Tone It Up girls for amazing free workouts.

So with that being said, I am kick starting this rut that I’m in with a one day cleanse. I’ve never done one before- it’s my first time and I’m a little nervous about it. I didn’t think I would be capable of starting off with a three-day cleanse (and I sure as hell wouldn’t survive a 5-day one) so I am starting off small. I’m going to do this for ONE day. I can do this. I kept getting emails from Pressed Juicery advertising their in-store sale- One Day Cleanses for $39. I had been thinking about it for days and I made an impulse purchase this morning to just get it started already. I will keep updating this throughout the day to keep me focused… if anyone has any questions about doing a one day cleanse I will have a better idea once the day is over so forward any questions my way!

Also, I’ll also be posting up my fitness routine, meal plans and progress photos next week in case anyone else needs a little motivation to start getting back into shape. 



A little background info before I begin. I absolutely love Pressed Juicery, I go to the Kinross location all the time and have always wanted to try a cleanse but was too scared to commit. I have a few favorites that are my go-to juices whenever I am craving something sweet (pre-holidays), want to supplement a small meal or am just craving juice so I am not a stranger to their products. I have heard many good things about cleansing (all the benefits) but like I said, I didn’t like the idea of not having actual meals throughout the day. This past week I just felt gross and started feeling really sick after every meal so I decided to do a little detox and I decided to do this for myself.

Because I’ve never done a cleanse before, I selected the one for beginners (Cleanse 1) that is supposed to be more “filling” than the other two cleanses designed for the more advanced.

For my cleanse I have a total of 8 bottles- 5 juices, 1 almond milk, 1 chlorophyll water that I am supposed to be sipping throughout the day and 1 aloe water to take right before bed time. I will blog about my experience below along with how I am feeling at the time.

Here we go!

First Juice of the Day: Greens 2, 8:00 a.m.

It was pretty good, tasted great. I’ve had many green juices before and this one is not bitter or gross at all. So far so good. 


Second Juice of the Day: Roots 1,10:00 a.m.

Very earthy. I mainly taste the beets in this juice. Not the best I’ve ever had but also not the worst. 


Third Juice of the Day: Greens 3, 12:30 p.m.

Tastes similar to greens 2 but I can taste the lemon and ginger a lot more. It tastes good, has a bit of a kick to it. Its taking me forever to finish it, I got a little distracted during my lunch break when I walked right past JAMES FRANCO. Whut?! Yep. They’re filming a movie where I work and I was on my way to meet up with my friend, needless to say that threw me off for a bit and so yeah….. what am I doing again? Oh yeah, that’s right- juicing. 


Fourth Juice of the Day: Citrus 2, 3:00 p.m.

I was scheduled to drink this around 3 but I’m not hungry or feeling it right now since I barley finished up my third juice. I may skip one, I’ll wait to see how I’m feeling later. I still have that tart greens 3 taste in my mouth. 

I ended up skipping my fourth juice, Citrus 2 because I didn’t need it. I was fine until about 4:00 p.m. and then just ended up taking….

Fifth Juice of the Day: Beets 3, 4:00 p.m.

This juice has a spicy kick to it, I can definitely taste the ginger. Tastes great, although right about now I’m craving the vanilla almond milk, something with more substance.


Sixth Juice Drink of the Day: Vanilla Almond Milk, 7:00 p.m.

This one is obviously my favorite, it tastes like dessert. I love dates and I can taste the vanilla bean flavor in this. Called it a day and decided to just stay home and watch some tv… preparing for that last juice of the day.


Seventh Juice of the Day: Aloe Water, 10:30 p.m.

And I’m DONE. I’m following the instructions and taking this an hour before I go to bed….



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